1. My user password has been stolen. Can I claim responsibility of Businesset.com?


No. According to the membership agreement, the members are solely responsible to protect their user names and passwords. Furthermore, they are responsible for any possible damages (disturbance to other members using the stolen user name, forgery, commercial fraud, disinformation, etc.) to other members and Businesset.com due to stolen user names and passwords.

Membership Agreement Article 5.1.3: “The “Members” are solely responsible for secure use of their “user names” and “passwords” that they use to log on to their “Businesset Membership Account” to benefit from the services offered by “Businesset”, as well as for ensuring the exclusive and individual use of "user names" and "passwords", and keeping them intact from access by third persons. The "members" shall be responsible for any damages that other “members”, "Businesset" and/or third persons have suffered or may suffer due to their failure and negligence in securing, hiding, keeping intact and individual and exclusive use of their "user names" and passwords".


  1. What can I do about members who have negative or unacceptable behaviour?


If you think that a member  is in a position of an attitude contrary to the rules of the platform. ( messages as abuse, insulting behaviour, banned ad entrance, denigration of ads, etc.) please connect to administrator of Businesset.com.

Will my private information that I provide for membership be retained after termination of my membership?

According to the privacy policy of businesset.com the private information you provide for membership shall not be revealed to third persons or agencies during membership and after the termination of membership.

  1. What happens if a member fails to pay the cost of certain services for membership?

The members are responsible for paying for certain services offered by businesset.com.

Membership Agreement Article 9 (Pricing): "Businesset" may collect the payment for certain services that are priced on the portal by various methods (credit card, postal check, businesset credits, bank transfer, eft, etc.) These methods have been specified in descriptions in the relevant sections of the portal. The "members" are responsible for making their payments in accordance with the descriptions given hereby."

In case of failure to make the payments, businesset.com shall suspend the services. The services shall not be made if a member has requested them but has not paid for them.