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“List of Banned Products” which cannot be posted on

Assistance to Pass Drug Tests: Drug clearance mixtures and urine test additives to eliminate the traces of doping drugs, cocaine and other narcotic products.

Counterfeit Design Products: Copies or imitations of designer products.

Forged Documents: Fake identity cards, passports, diplomas and other noble titles.

Hacking and Cracking Software on Web: Software for hacking and cracking purposes on the web. Software that provide illegal access to software, servers or websites. Software that provide illegal access to mobile phones and other communication or content distribution systems/devices. Decoder products that decipher cable or satellite signals to access free cable services. Software and products that capture and hack wireless internet connections.

Wonder Treatment Products or Services: Products of wonder treatments such as “Lose 5 pounds in 1 hour". Any ads on non-medical treatment methods.

Prescription Drugs: Presentation or sales of prescription drugs.

Sexual Content or Pornographic Products: Ads offering sexual intercourse against money. Adult sexual fantasy products and pornographic publications (VCD, DVD, VHS, magazines). Child pornography or other unacceptable material. (other than sexual education and similar medical publications)

Traffic Equipment: Radar lockers, car plate covers, traffic sign modifiers and other relevant products.

Firearms:  It is forbidden to sell blank air or pomp-action rifles, ejectors, firearms projecting real or rubber bullet and working or not working,  pepper gas, electro-shock tools, every military ammunition (bullet, grenade, molotov bomb etc) , explosive substancei every kind of piercing or cutting tools (swords, knives etc.), every other firearms to be particularly designed for attack and defense.

It is also forbidden to sell firearms, revolvers, guns, rifles, ammunition, balisong knives, butterfly knives, brass knuckles, every material concerning gun production, plan, chart, drawing –like information sources, (Toy-featured guns can be sold like water guns, paintball guns, etc.)

The unfired products like daggers, wedges, bayonets, sheathes which have collection value and were produced 50 years ago or more can be sold. Firearms cannot be sold even if they have collection value.

Funds & Stock Certificates: Stock certificates, bills, bonds, and other valuable documents in effect and traded in exchange market. Ads on sales of money on interest (usury) and other activities are forbidden.

Organ Sales: Sales of human organs and organ trade is a crime and forbidden.

Copied & Counterfeit Products: Sales of any audio or video media without banderoles covered by intellectual rights is forbidden. Records and cassettes for collections, which were produced before the banderole law and excluded from the scope of commercial products can be sold. Counterfeit books and other products that do not bear banderoles.

Games of Chance: Tickets, coupons, and other documents for games of chance which have not been concluded.

Individual Rights: Any exclusive news, photographs, images, telephone numbers, e-mail address, residence address and other information that violate individual rights.

Illegal materials: Illegal natural or chemical substances or any kind of narcotic drugs.

Tobacco and Cigarettes: Tobacco and tobacco products, cigarettes and other products.

Alcohol: Sales of drinks that contain alcohol is forbidden. Empty or miniature bottles, collection material such as small decanter, and other materials used in manufacturing wine, champagne, beer or cognac (barrels, corks, etc.) can be sold.

Forbidden Publications: Any magazine, newspaper, cassette, CD, VCD, DVD and other publications that appreciate any separatist, racist, reactionary and illegal political ideas and organizations, the publication and distribution of which are considered as crimes.

Forbidden Animal Species: Sales of Pitbull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, American Stafford breed dogs, goldfinch, serinus, greenfinch breeds of birds, snakes, alligators, and other reptiles, spiders, scorpions, centipedes and other arthropods, squirrels, foxes, wolves, hedgehogs, wild rabbits, European rabbits, pigs, magpies, quails, partridges, rock doves, woodcocks, pheasants, wild geese and other animals listed in hunting or wild animals class is forbidden.

 Transmitter: Sale of all kind of transmitters that are not in compliance with “Telecommunication Institution” and “KET Regulation”, and the sale of transmitters requiring   license are strictly forbidden on