Membership Agreement

The subscription of the members who violate the rules of membership and terms of agreement of the platform shall be suspended.

All transactions on of the individuals whose membership is suspended will be blocked indefinitely. When these members attempt to log on to, they see a warning "Your Membership Has Been Suspended".To find out why your membership is suspended, click on our support page or contact our support line:+994 XX XXX XX XX

Which cases lead to membership suspending?

1. Violation of the rules specified in Membership Agreement

2. Perception or identification of abuse in the sales of the member, etc.

3. Attempts of the member to deceive others by offering an insubstantial product as a real product

4. Identification of fake profiles, failure to contact the user through membership information or suspicion of membership information.

5. Unethical, harassing or unfavorable actions against the other members on the platform.

6. Notification from any official body (Attorney General, Court, Department of Security, etc.) shall lead to cancellation of membership.

Why is a membership suspended?

Suspending of membership is resorted to ensure safe online shopping for sellers and buyers, to eliminate behavior that does not comply with the system and to prevent malicious individuals.

What is done to continue a suspended membership?

In case of suspended membership, the members should contact the operator via phone or e-mail. The operator has the right to request information and documents from the users who membership are suspended. If the requested information and documents are correct, the membership will be reactivated.

***Documents should be faxed to +994 XX XXX XX XX only. does not have any other fax number.

* If the membership is suspended due to security reasons, the user should submit the required information and documents to the operator. If the operator approves the submitted information and documents, the membership will be activated. If any problems or errors will be detected during review of information and documents, the membership will be permanently suspended.

* If the membership is suspended due to an unfavorable condition arising out of shopping transactions, the member is supposed to solve the unfavorable situation with the relevant member. The buyer or seller shall be warned upon the unresolved problem, and should the problem occur again, their memberships are permanently suspended.

* If the membership is suspended upon a notification from an official body, an official notification should be submitted by the relevant body to the operators stating that there are not any problems with the member and there are not any relevant convictions.

* Besides all these information, has the right to unilaterally cancel any membership without notification or information, as stated in the membership agreement.