Load-bearing structures

Load-bearing structures Weckman manufactures, CE-marked and quality assured (VTT) load-bearing corrugated sheets and steel lightweight purlins for frames and roofs of buildings. Load-bearing corrugated sheets Load-bearing corrugated sheets W-70/900, W-115/750, W-130/950 and W-155/840 can be used as load-bearing structures in attic and intermediate floors, roofs and walls. Load capacities of span lengths up to 9 m. Due to their large load capacity they can be used even as concrete casting moulds. Web holes are available for W-70/900 and W-115/750 profiles, allowing reduction of echo in e.g. sports halls. Note! Load-bearing corrugated sheets are delivered in the position indicated in the images. The customer is responsible for checking whether the roof structure requires them to be installed the other way round (e.g. insulated roof).

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Load-bearing structures
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